Chad Dunn

Licensed Real Estate Agent

CENTURY 21 Novocastrian (Wallsend)
PO Box 287 Wallsend NSW 2287 Australia

If it's Chad Dunn - It's Dunn Deal

Chad Dunn is our valued office principal and Licensed residential real estate agent, Chad is known for having extraordinary amounts of energy and devotion to helping people in the property sector but maintains a very easy to approach & speak to - down to earth personality.

Chad says “not everyone understands how our real estate industry works and what certain industry terms/jargon mean, I just want to make it EASY, SIMPLE and CLEAR for all to understand, both before and after the process begins.” “It can be a scary journey for any man or women – and it shouldn't be!”

Mr Dunn has been in the Property Industry & Financial Planning industry now for some 15 years with enormous experience in both residential sales and assisting people of all ages to sell/buy their home and make the transition as easy as possible. Having a history as both a licensed real estate agent as well as a sales manager for a large real estate business over the early 2000’s.

Chad’s experience in property has been hands on, he actually started in the in the industry as a sales agent at age 18 straight after school and unlike many office Principals, Chad is still working daily in the front line. He is concentrating on the day to day marketing and sales of residential real estate in the Wallsend region and surrounding University suburbs, holding weekly Open Homes and sourcing out new properties to go onto the market either as private treaty or auction – to assist with the local and international demand.

Always training, always learning

Chad is also a qualified Financial Planner as well as the local Justice of the Peace for Wallsend and has completed various specialist marketing and technology courses to improve his knowledge.
Chad chose to follow a pathway in Real Estate from a sales agent level to all the way up to a head office level. In an industry which is competitive Chad has spent a large part of his time attending training both with Century 21 and externally.
Chad notes that he agrees strongly with his business partner Wayne Stewart that the best education is “life experience” and his time in the industry from a young age coupled with his experience ranging from both real estate and finance offices as well as meeting people face to face day in day our from all walks of life, gives him enormous skills to assist his customer’s consultations and success in selling and buying.
He says that it is important that he is also active in buying and selling himself in the local area as well as living here and not just advising other to invest in the local area without having done so himself.

Smarter Bolder Faster

Chad has achieved many awards for his sales experiences across both the Finance and Real Estate industries – one of these was in 2001, he claimed the international “Best New Talent” for LJ Hooker Australasia and was consistently ranked in other franchise groups top state salespeople before joining the Century 21 group to cover the Wallsend region of which he believes will be the growth corridor in the next five years.

Work hard, Play hard

Chad has lived in Birmingham Gardens / Jesmond and Cardiff Heights over the years and his family are long term investors in the area.

Chad and the Century 21 Novocastrian team have a keen interest in doing their part in seeing the best is received for the area with the exciting growth that the surrounding region will experience.

The two directors are active in the Newcastle charity sector and also in local panels and chamber of commerce. Chad is a keen water sports enthusiast and tries to spend any spare time either at the local gym keeping fit or at the beach relaxing with his young family.

He is also an extremely keen fisherman and his fishing stories are known to get bigger by the week!

Let C21 Global speak to you

Although Chad only speaks english even though his wife is multi-lingual, our office relies heavily on our "C21 global website", of which is multi-lingual and multi- currency capable.

This can be accessed via

Chad is known for saying, "that the global website that Century21 has released is one of the most exciting areas in our industry".

Mr Dunn stated that, "for an area where our office is located when we consistently receive high interest from the Asian continent due to our proximity to the Newcastle University and the great investment opportunities that surround us! - finally they can communicate via a website that links direct to us in Wallsend through to those buyers in their own language and their own local currency".

for more information and a video on what Chad is talking about ...