Five tips for a bathroom blitz

Five tips for a bathroom blitz

In the eyes of potential buyers, bathrooms are amongst the most crucial rooms in the house. As future occupants will be using the room every day, it is important vendors create an appealing space for inspections.

In order to make the best impression and attract buyer attention, here are five tips to freshen up your bathroom ready for sale.

1. Clear the clutter
As with the rest of your house, an overload of personal clutter can be a big turn off. Clear the clutter and even look to add additional storage if you need it and it doesn’t impact on the spaciousness of the room too much.

2. Fix the leaks
If you have become accustomed to a dripping tap and avoided fixing it, the time has come to take action. Selling your house means making all the little repairs that you have ignored.

3. Modern fixtures
Old or rusty fixtures can create an outdated impression. They may appear as red flags for defects in a house that is older, so an easy fix is to update your taps, handles, hooks or towel rails to something more contemporary.

4. Fresh white towels
Shaping the perceptions of potential buyers does not have to be expensive and can be achieved with a few cheap and simple additions. White towels appear fresh, creating an aura of cleanliness.

5. Mirrors
Mirrors are another easy addition to open up a space. If your bathroom is on the smaller side then this is a handy trick to consider. Choose a mirror style or frame to suit the feel of your home and a size that is not too overwhelming for the available space.

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