Three tips to help prepare your home for sale

Three tips to help prepare your home for sale

If you're looking to sell your home, it's natural to try and attain the highest price possible. Many factors come together to achieve this result. These can include having an effective marketing plan and working with the right agent. However, the way your home looks and feels on an open home day is important as well. Below are three tips to help you prepare your home for sale.

Match the conditions
The weather on the day of an open home can have an impact on how you will show your property. If it's warm outside, make sure that your air-conditioning is set to a comfortable temperature inside. Likewise, if it's cold outside, try to warm up the inside of your home so it creates a welcoming ambiance.

Get into the garden
If you are selling a home that has a yard and gardens, take some time to neaten these. It's worthwhile to think about pruning any hedges and adding a new layer of mulch to the gardens. Mow and water your lawns regularly in the lead up to an open home. Showing the potential of the outside areas of your house can encourage buyers to pay more, so it's a definite must.

Stage the interior of your home
You may have to look at rearranging some furniture inside your home so that the best attributes of your rooms are shown. Make sure that personal items are hidden and clutter is tidied. In addition, most people enjoy natural light, so let in as much as possible by opening curtains and blinds.

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